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Some sweet shows a comin’ our way…

Posted by Jason Petros on June 25, 2009
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There are three really great shows upcoming in the city – one of which is a truly amazing band that I can’t wait to see live, The Appleseed Cast, playing tomorrow night (June 26th) at Subterranean – for those of you who can’t make it I’ll have a live review up and posted of the show as soon as I can. The other two are previously reviewed Those Darlins, playing at the Beat Kitchen on July 17th, and also playing on July 17th is Makeshift Prodigy, headlining Metro for the second time this year. Links to video, music, and tickets soon to come. Makeshift Prodigy and Those Darlins are both featured on Metromix as one of the top 25 shows to see in July – including the likes of Beyonce (I know, I know, I thought the same thing – but nobody said Metromix was the best guide to awesome music, did they?) and Green Day.

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20 Things from Makeshift Prodigy

Posted by Jason Petros on April 15, 2009
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makeshiftprodigyMakeshift Prodigy, a friend of CIMR and one of the better acts coming out of Chicago these days has been previously reviewed by us here.  Their 5 piece hybrid rock band has a little something for all genre lovers – punk inspired rhythm, hip-hop synths, Radiohead effected piano, and rock guitar infused with tasteful, and original sounding riffs.  They’ll be playing at Metro this Saturday, April 18th for an all ages show.  They are headlining and judging from some of the videos on Youtube from their last show, you might want to show up early.  None the less,  the lead singer, Anthony, and lead guitar player, Jake, have been gracious enough to take the time to provide us with 20 things musical they enjoy:


20 Things from Makeshift Prodigy: 

Top 5 songs out Right now:


Radiohead – 15 Step

Incubus – Dig

Kings of Leon – Use Somebody

One day as a lion – Wild International

N.E.R.D. – Spaz




Kings of Leon – Sex is on Fire

Killers (new single)

Jason Mraz – Lucky

Katie Perry – Thinking of you



Top 5 Singers of all time:


This is a tough one due to the differences in pure talent and being innovative… but these work:


Ray Charles – One of the most unique & credible voices of all time. The people Ray Charles influenced throughout his long-lasting carreer are countless, and alot of our favorite artists wouldn’t have been without Ray’s influence.


Nina Simone – Nina Simone was quite possibly THE musical voice of the civil rights movement, her unique tone and powerful voice conveys the pain and beauty that many people we’re unable to channel during this time. Single-handedly changed my opinion on what makes a great singer.


Robert Plant – Granted, Robert Plant was also part of arguably THE greatest rock band ever, he was and still remains one of the most innovative and powerful voices throughout music. Led Zeppelin’s range from blues to rock and roll was always perfectly complemented and driven by the wailing and soaring vocals of Robert Plant.


Freddie Mercury – The flamboyant and ever present Freddie Mercury’s vocals we’re and forever will be one of the most powerful and moving influences in music history. The vibrato in Freddie’s voice is so strong it’s impossible not to recognize upon listening matched with his stunning stage presence in live performance he seemed unstoppable. However he would indeed be stopped by a losing fight with HIV/AIDS.


Janis Joplin – Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Patsy Cline could all be at the top of this list, but the voice that stands out in music more uniquely and untouched to this day is Janis Joplin. It’s not in the most beautiful voice, but the most remarkable tone. The heart and passion that Janis put into her voice was something that will echo throughout history forever. 



John Lennon (Beatles)

Paul McCartney (Beatles)

Thom Yorke (Radiohead)

Robert Plant (Led Zepplin)

Bono (U2)



Top 2 unsigned local bands (besides yourself)


Hmm I would have to say Everett Thomas & Owl City



Empires (Chicago)

American Taxi…i know i know they just got signed



 Top 3 Places to play in Chicago


The Metro

The Chicago Theatre

Aragon Ballroom



Top 3 places to play





Top 5 Reasons We should come to the show Saturday



If you’re looking for something that is innovative and thought inspiring and  if your want to hear something genuine and out of the ordinary, Impulsive, radiant, passionate, and an unforgettable live experience, then you need to come out. 



It’s our first Headlining gig @ Metro and we’ll be debuting some new material from our new EP Mathmatica.  Also, the music is far more articulate then we could ever be.  Not to mention hitchhiking is dangerous & Radiohead just isn’t in town.  Besides all of this, would be honored to have you.


I’ll definitely be there at the show, if you are there, seek me out, I’ll buy ya a beer while we enjoy an emotionally driven rock show.


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On Our Radar – Friday Feb. 6th

Posted by jptros on February 04, 2009
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Hey all – it’s going to be a busy weekend here for the Review. This Friday there are 2 excellent shows going on – all at close to the same time:

I Fight Dragons at the Elbo Room

I Fight Dragons is led by local songwriter Brian Mazzeferri – they play an awesome mixture of Electronica and Indie Pop Rock – I met these guys at Pragma studios right after they got done recording some of their newest album, and let me tell you – you will not be disappointed – 8 bit goodness – truly.


Makeshift Prodigy at Enclave

This band is a great friend of the review and they are playing for an excellent cause. You can buy tickets here or at the door – Enclave and The Make a Wish Foundation Present: Music for a Cause. 20$ gets you a premium open bar from 8:30 until 10:30, so if you’re worried about money, this is it – although you might have to wear your sunday’s best to get in…

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