I Fight Dragons

I Fight Dragons – Cool is Just a Number EP

Posted by Jason Petros on April 06, 2009
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Add originality, creativity, 4 part harmony and  4 button controllers – rinse, now add pop sensibilities, superior songwriting and a bass player that knows his way around a melody and you’ll get I Fight Dragons.  It’s as if everything came together for this excellent band at the exact right time.  They’ve scored songs on 93.1 WXRT Chicago, sold out the Elbo Room (their 1st show), and have an online presence that rivals major label bands; oh, and their music’s pretty good too.  On their first EP, Cool is Just a Number, they use electronics to compliment their music (not to overtake it) – dial in perfect guitar tone and have a rhythm section that thunderously introduces the poppy vocals and guitars to rock.  IFD are ready to take on the world.  Led by Singer/Songwriter/Philosopher Brian Mazzeferri, Dragons totally embrace the nerd inside and take the listener on a Zelda infused journey; chronicling love, superman, and the working life – without you even realizing the subject matter of the song.  It’s an inspiration to hear completely well molded songs that are serious, but don’t take themselves too seriously.  There are so many things going on in each of the 6 songs that it takes multiple listens to enjoy all aspects – I’ll name a few, and then let you check out one of their videos – I can’t wait until their next show…who knows, maybe I’ll even get to play a game or two.

My favorite track is “Money” – makes me feel like the Dragon Fighters are direct descendents of those harmony masters, The Beach Boys; also –  wait until the breakdown and be blown away by the groove.  I didn’t even mention the fact that the drums in the beginning start with a bit crushed, 8 bit snare – for anyone still trying to recreate “Idioteque” – consider contacting IFD and asking how.


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On Our Radar – Friday Feb. 6th

Posted by jptros on February 04, 2009
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Hey all – it’s going to be a busy weekend here for the Review. This Friday there are 2 excellent shows going on – all at close to the same time:

I Fight Dragons at the Elbo Room

I Fight Dragons is led by local songwriter Brian Mazzeferri – they play an awesome mixture of Electronica and Indie Pop Rock – I met these guys at Pragma studios right after they got done recording some of their newest album, and let me tell you – you will not be disappointed – 8 bit goodness – truly.


Makeshift Prodigy at Enclave

This band is a great friend of the review and they are playing for an excellent cause. You can buy tickets here or at the door – Enclave and The Make a Wish Foundation Present: Music for a Cause. 20$ gets you a premium open bar from 8:30 until 10:30, so if you’re worried about money, this is it – although you might have to wear your sunday’s best to get in…

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