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On Our Radar – Friday Feb. 6th

Posted by jptros on February 04, 2009
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Hey all – it’s going to be a busy weekend here for the Review. This Friday there are 2 excellent shows going on – all at close to the same time:

I Fight Dragons at the Elbo Room

I Fight Dragons is led by local songwriter Brian Mazzeferri – they play an awesome mixture of Electronica and Indie Pop Rock – I met these guys at Pragma studios right after they got done recording some of their newest album, and let me tell you – you will not be disappointed – 8 bit goodness – truly.


Makeshift Prodigy at Enclave

This band is a great friend of the review and they are playing for an excellent cause. You can buy tickets here or at the door – Enclave and The Make a Wish Foundation Present: Music for a Cause. 20$ gets you a premium open bar from 8:30 until 10:30, so if you’re worried about money, this is it – although you might have to wear your sunday’s best to get in…

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Presadona – “Reinventing the Trugle” review

Posted by jptros on February 03, 2009
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It seems to me that Indiana has a love obsession with hardcore rock. Every band I hear from the Hoosier state is really, really hardcore – more so than most of the bands I’ve heard around Chicago. None the less, Presadona offers up some tunes that are just close enough to mainstream that they might be able to get some radio play, the lead vocals toe the line of screaming hardcore and just regular screaming. These guys are not for the faint of heart, they will kill your ear drums with pounding drums and squealing guitar solos – the music is well put together, the recording is better than most I’ve heard, nothing to really bitch about here. They are playing so close to the middle of the genre that they don’t have the necessary sizzle to make it any larger than they are. Keep gigging dudes, earn your fan base with every show you play, and someday, you’ll go somewhere.

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