Footlight Frenzy – power pop we’ve all heard before…

Posted by Jason Petros on September 18, 2009

ffFootlight Frenzy comes charging onto the scene with power chords, slamming, cymbal heavy drumming and a vocal that focuses on energy just as much as melody. Their music stems from a long line of Chicago power punk outfits including Fall Out Boy, Snowsera, The Academy is…, and Lucky Boys Confusion; it’s a happy structure that has stood the test of time.  Almost every song on the cd they submitted (untitled and burnt, more a conglomeration of songs than an actual honest to gosh EP or LP) is under 3 and a half minutes, with the exception of “Jumping Cliffs”, a jumpy, relatively slower tune with a great chorus.  There isn’t too much that deviates from the typical structure here – essentially they write short pop songs with heavily distorted guitars, quick drumming, very catchy and very hook laden melodies.  So, yes, they can be heard on the radio, but I’m hoping for some real experimentation here.  This is all good, and will probably earn them tons of little teenage fans bobbing their heads in time to the snare drum that clips away at breakneck speed; but for the rest of us, the true appreciators – there is something to be desired (at least they didn’t add a couple of synthesizers and call themselves electro-pop). They do touch on some nice vocal harmony; but don’t do it enough to have it stand out. I’m looking forward to hearing something that’s a little bit more cohesive and a bit more professional.  Here’s to their upcoming EP, April Snow being the next big power pop thing to come out of the city.

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  • I had to check this band out after reading your review. I’m going to get in touch with these guys and see if we can swap some gigs. Thanks for the detailed review.

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