I Want You…

Posted by Jason Petros on September 16, 2009

untitledTo tell me who the top 10 Chicago Bands are of 2009 thus far.  I have a pretty good ear for things, and keep my feelers consistently out there for new talent – but I’m looking for recommendations from you, the average listeners, the bands, and the loyal readers to tell me who I might be missing.  Any genre, only rule is they have to be from Chicago; and have to have garnered some sort of attention – in other words, don’t tell me about your little brother’s band and how they are “sooooo great, they rocked Reggie’s the other night and it was like, totally awesome, and you should review them and feature them and write about them because they are super cool and nice guys!”


If you have a suggestion – feel free to leave a comment, email me, find me on twitter (@chimusicreview), or even send me a regular ole’ piece of mail – check out the submissions page for that. 

Later today I’ll have reviews posted for a promising young band out of Tennessee named Hammertorch and also an interesting little disc form a band called Footlight Frenzy.

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