Pet Lions – Soft Right Album Review

Posted by Jason Petros on September 09, 2009

Ok, ok, so I guess I can sort of hear the similarities between Pet Lions  and the Strokes.  It’s an inaccurate description, and, in my pet_lionshumble opinion, degrading to a band with much more promise than new wave rockers who never quite lived up to their own acclaim.  These guys make simple pop music – they keep a solid back beat, and they have a great ear for a melody.  Their guitar playing isn’t out of this world, but it serves the songs well, and, as any great band will attest, this is more important than 4 people on stage shredding their instruments to impress the world. 

What’s most interesting about Pet Lions is that I don’t hear anything individually that really stands out – the vocals are not fantastic; the guitars are good – but aren’t virtuoso; the pads are simple one or two notes – but like all my favorite collegiate basketball teams, it is the whole that is greater than the sum of all their parts.  (It won’t make since mathematically – so don’t try) It’s very much like Captain Planet – “with our powers combined….”  What I mean to say is that without one another – and without their serendipitous craigslist creation story; they would not be as fantastic.  I’ll tell you what, I’d love to see them live, and if any of the readers have seen them – feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts.

None the less, it’s a dancey, rocky, fun album, that will hold your attention throughout – the songcraft is commendable; the arrangements tight, and the dynamics succinct.  The recording quality could be a bit better, but, in all likely hood it’s the electronically shared files more than the engineering contributing to this minor quibble.

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  • Paula – thanks for your comment, and I’m sorry you feel that way – might I encourage you to check some other of our favorite bands: Makeshift Prodigy, I Fight Dragons, Company of Thieves, Big Japan, Rego…but you know,in the end, music is completely subjective – so I don’t blame you for your opinion – but at the very least would you qualify your statement? I mean, if I were to say something “made my ears vomit” I would at least give us the benefit of understanding why? Or maybe giving us an example of the awesomeness coming out of the Big Easy these days? I’m always open to new suggestions and always enjoy hearing new music -cheers.

  • Man, there must be nothing mind blowing at all going on up in Chicago because this shit SUCKS. SUCKS HARD. I know because I tried so hard to listen to them, but they made my ears vomit. Pet Lions is so boring I can’t believe it. Everyone likes them though, probably because that’s how the masses are, just kind of cool with mediocre shit.

    I don’t think anyone in New Orleans would listen to this music, when there’s good music floating in the air no one has to try hard to find, or like.

    Seriously, if this is the best Chicago music has to offer, I feel sorry for the scene up there. Way lame.

  • Brian – I have to definitely agree with your assessment that this day and age bands are all too willing to settle for less than perfect sounding recordings. It’s the problem with the DIY take on things and the proliferation of the internet. Anybody can learn frequency ranges and compression these days just by a few google searches; but they know nothing about how sound travels or how much a room affects every instrument…very insightful indeed.

  • Pet Lions write some awesome songs. They recorded nearly a full lengths worth of material in preproduction for Soft Right. We had to choose a batch of songs that went well together. Their new songs are their best yet, go see them live!

  • I saw Pet Lions at Schubas a couple of weeks ago and they were awesome. They were the opening band, but definitely put on the best show. There’s a lot more energy in their live performance than this record might lead you to expect. I really enjoyed this album and I’m pretty excited to hear what these guys put out next. I think this EP is a great debut for a promising band!

  • When doing a review one should listen on a quality system using the quality format the band is selling, CD. Mp3’s sound like poo especially through tiny crappy speakers. Small speakers and low quality audio files degrade the sound of music and the experience. This is one of the problems with music, people are not experiencing the artists complete vision.

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