As a Quick Heads up…

Posted by Jason Petros on September 08, 2009

Hello all you loyal Chicago’s Independent Music Review readers – I know that we’ve been extremely weak on our reviews as of late.  As a quick update – a few months ago we tried to raise a bit of money so we could revamp the website a bit and maybe take on another writer.  Unfortunately, we did not achieve our goal, so the redesign has been put on the back burner for a bit – and obviously, unless we can recruit a real quality writer who doesn’t mind working for free – it’s going to be a one man show for a while.  I have received a multitude of cd’s and emails in the recent months and am working my way through them one by one.  I’m a pretty fast worker, but this is probably going to take a while.  In order to do so in the most efficient way, I am going to get through the mountain of physical cd’s first, then review the digital downloads sent to me, and then visit individual web pages/myspace pages.  Anyway, I do appreciate all the communication I’ve received and will be posting as many reviews as I possibly can in the upcoming months. Please, tell your friends about us and feel free to leave a donation if possible – every little bit helps!!

In the meantime – please allow me to direct you towards two other quality music blogs that I help out with: – A Indie Rock blog out of Milwaukee, WI – and – a huge music site based out of New York and Chicago. 

Your friendly neighborhood reviewer,


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