I Think Everything I Say album Review

Posted by Jason Petros on September 04, 2009

tape-outlineMy first thoughts when listening to I Think Everything I Say’s self-titled album was wow, the vocals are almost dead on for a pre- Dude Ranch Blink 182 – without all the fart and penis jokes.  The music that envelops these sometimes pitchy vocals is straight outta the mid-90’s: it’s alternative rock, with straight forward drumming, arrangements reminiscent of Soundgarden or even Nirvana – glued together with bass playing that stays safely in the box.   After doing a little research on the band, it turns out fellow Rock and Roll critic Jim Derogatis had the same thoughts:

“With roots stretching back to their time at Bradley University in Peoria, guitarists Carl Johnson and Jon Trainor, drummer Zach Dresser and bassist Matt Heston clearly are children of the alternative ’90s: Their trumpeted list of musical heroes includes the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Third Eye Blind.”

There are some standouts on the record, including the excellent final track, “This is a Hospital for Sinners”, but unfortunately, due to the obvious influences and lack of a true lead singer, I don’t know that these guys are destined for anything more than some garage rock and a couple of gigs at some of the mid-major rock venues in the city.  It’s a good introduction, but I’m waiting on something with a bit more of the grit from their punk side, and a lot less of a bygone era.  You’ve got it in you guys, just push a little harder.


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