On Our Radar: The Winter Sounds

Posted by Jason Petros on June 25, 2009
On Our Radar

The best part about being a music reviewer is the music. Besides the obvious idiocy of that statement, you have to understand that besides getting free music – 80% of it really isn’t that great, or fun to listen to. Every now and again though – somebody will throw you a disc to listen to before it’s even been released to the public. Luckily for me, I’ve been blessed with a recent sprinking of great tunes. This band is one of the more exciting one’s I’ve heard in a while – and the album, is fantastic. If you have a little bit of extra cash – visit the website and order a copy as soon as you can – the album’s due out on July 7th.

The Winter Sounds um, sound, on their studio album, ‘Church of the Haunted South’, like a live band with an impeccable mix. Beginning with Pink Floyd sounding vocals and a slow-to- develop melody the tunes quickly make you feel and believe their heartbreak. Overall the music is quality, the production is good – it includes Sigur Ros-like swells on the cymbals – which goes to show the band understands the concept of dynamics. They consistently change guitar riffs, vocal harmonies and drums – from soft to loud and back again. ‘Candlelight’ is undeniably catchy, the verse is like the alphabet song or ring around the rosy – you just want to bounce your head like a Muppet when you listen to it. Actually a lot of the songs contain real sing song melodies offset by Patrick Keenan’s baritone – giving the music a darker quality than one might expect. “Marry Me” is a little Decemberisty in its subject matter and antiquated language – but ends in this sweet Latin flavored drum programmed jam with a Violin solo. The Winter Sounds are a fantastic band coming out of Athens, Georgia – one that ‘gets it’ – they have pop songs that are experimental, but don’t stray into the “I know I’m a great musician so look at all the cool shit I can do” territory. It’s a band with a rock solid identity after three full length albums – they know who they are, what they stand for, and exactly what they are going to bring to the table. Check them out at www.thewintersounds.com.

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