On Our Radar: The Kickdrums

Posted by Jason Petros on May 11, 2009
On Our Radar

“That beat is raw.” is probably a phrase The Kickdrums hear all the time.  Pounding bass, tight snares, a little bit of electro dance hall and a whole shit load of tight production make up the songs that put the Kickdrums on CIMR’s map.  There’s a little bit of Ratatat influence evident, but only because of pulse pushing nature of the music they choose to make.  Unlike Ratatat, these guys throw some rocking vocals in the mix as well – they’re crate digging workers who’ve risen to the top by sheer force of their own creative ambition.  They are unafraid to mix sweeping strings with hip hop beats and dashes of real guitar, because this has done before to varying degrees of success (or failure) people will sometimes make the comparison to Gym Class Heroes or bands of that ilk.  Although having produced songs for a cache of rappers, including 50 Cent, they stay away from trying to be rappers and when singing, do things that feel comfortable to them and therefore, it sounds more comfortable to the listener as well.   Top notch production and a feel for what is relevant is what’s going to keep the Kickdrums behind some banging tracks for a long time.

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