Tadahiko Yokogawa – Volo Interno

Posted by Jason Petros on May 07, 2009

Let me cut to the chase – the best thing about this album = it’s made with only a laptop and an electric guitar; the worst thing about this album = it’s made with only a laptop and an electric guitar.   Distributed by Chicago record label, Sleepy Mammal Sound, Japanese musician Tadahiko Yokogawa has presented us with an album of Prog-Laptronica – (dibs on the genre name) – which takes you down whichever road you choose.  Some of the record sounds strangely familiar – like a few friends got together with a bag of weed, a newly purchased delay pedal, a black light and went to work.  Despite these long and self indulgent experimental circles of sound, the rest of Volo Interno takes minimalism to heart; sprouting forth and rising above the inspired infinite silence.  Individually, some of the tracks can be grating – the delays and panned ring modulation forcing you off balance, but taken as a whole, they reveal themselves to be a cog in the wheel of a slow moving adventure.  There are swells that rise like anger, but for the most part, Tadahiko errs on the side of chilly indifference, showing that sometimes it’s the most impersonal albums that are able to pull on the strings of our souls.

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