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Posted by Jason Petros on March 23, 2009

Greg is a singer/songwriter who plays a combination of blues, rock, and folk tunes. Let me get this out of the way quickly, he does not sound like Coldplay – which is pretty surprising. Normally, a singer/songwriter will go the obvious route of somebody who has been there before, aka, Bob Dylan, or even Jason Mraz; thinking that despite the obvious vocal similarities, the lyrics and/or their playing will help them rise above. Fortunately, Greg doesn’t seem to be doing that. His music is certainly original, and from song to song there isn’t a real cohesiveness – in his attempt to jump from genre to genre he ends up losing a little bit of his own identity and really leaves me to wonder who he is and what is he trying to offer up to the listener. He is a jack of many trades, playing guitar, bass, violin and handling the vocals on all these tracks, which is commendable – especially due to the variance in genre. His lyrical content can sometimes be lacking: “I control the sands, I could turn the tide if I wave my hands, the grass and wind they’d obey my commands….” but overall it’s interesting enough to keep me listening. Like most other one man bands though, his songs chug forward without giving his vocals a chance to soar, or the listener a break. As a huge fan of the musical bridge, I really missed it here.

Greg Reed is a genre jumping songwriter capable of much more than his first release. As soon as he gets a handle on who he is musically and where he wants to take himself, he’ll be one to watch out for. Here’s to looking forward to some great tunes in the future from him. Stop by his website and download the pop countryesque “No Time To Lose” – probably his best song from this album; which is the sound he appears most comfortable in.

Review recommends: You Know What I Want and No Time To Lose

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